Question: I am a coach and I am running late. Is it okay for my 6th grade son, who is very responsible, to run the practice until I get there?

Answer: No. A responsible adult needs to be present at times in any gym.


Question: My child has a game but I have to be somewhere else. Can I drop them off at the gym and leave?

Answer: No. You cannot drop your child off without having a responsible adult present who is willing to take responsibility for your child in the event your child needs to go home or is injured. This applies to games, practices and the clinic.


Question: I have a younger child. Can I bring them to the games and the clinic?

Answer: Yes as long as that child is supervised. Many timed parents bring a younger sibling but do not watch that sibling. That sibling cannot go on the court, participate in any aspect of the clinic, practices or games, and needs to be watched to avoid that younger sibling getting injured.


Question: I am a coach and I only have five kids that can play. Should I cancel the game?

Answer: No. A game can be played as long as a team has five players to start. Cancelling a game affects your team but also the other team. It is not fair to them to cancel a game that you have enough participants to play.


Question: I do not have enough kids to play. Do I have to let anyone know?

Answer: Yes. The League pays for gym usage and referees. If a game is canceled and the referees show up, we have to pay them regardless of whether they work or not. In addition, if the other team does not know that a game is canceled the other parents must come to the gym. Be courteous to them and let them know that they need not show up.


Question: My child is registered in the 9 AM clinic but this now conflicts with soccer. I want to bring him to the 10 AM clinic. Is this okay?

Answer: No. Our clinics are limited in size to a number that we feel in manageable. If that number increases it will be difficult for those children to learn. In addition, each clinic has it own shirt color. The parents of any green shirts participant attending the red clinic will be spoken to and may be asked to leave.


Question: Myself and two of my friends have been coaching little league together for years. Can the three of us coach together?

Answer: No. Each team, in most circumstances, will only be allowed two coaches.


Question: One of the best players on my team got hurt after the draft but before the season began. Can I get someone to replace that player form the League or can I add a player who was not registered but wishes to play?

Answer: No. Unfortunately players get hurt. If a child gets hurt no player can be added to your team. No player can be moved from another team and no player can be added to the league after drafts are completed.


Question: Are you serious about these Codes of Conduct?

Answer: We are very serious about our codes on conduct. Violations may result in a suspension to a child, a parent, or a coach.


Question: My child's team was beaten by thirty points. When they were down by twenty points the other coach had them pressing and fast breaking. My child was so unhappy they no longer want to play. Is this right?

Answer:  No. We would consider the above situation a violation of our Coaches Code of Conduct. That coach will be spoken to and dealt with accordingly.


Question: Are Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) available at the facilities?

Answer: All games are played in public schools in Bellmore and Merrick. All facilities have Automated External Defibrillators located at the schools. A listing of their location, by facility, is available on our website.


Question: Why don't we ever get to play in Merrick gyms?

Answer: We have tried for years to get access to Merrick gyms. The Merrick school board has denied us use of their gyms despite our repeated attempts to use their facilities. No answer has been given as to why other than they are already being used to their fullest extent.


Question: Are you affiliated with the North Bellmore or North Merrick basketball Leagues.

Answer: No. Those are separate leagues.


Question: I am a coach. Do I really have to maintain an official scorebook?

Answer: Yes. An official book is required to be maintained at the scorers table by each team. The people that maintain the official books cannot coach from there. If they do, they will receive a Technical Foul. If a team does not have someone maintaining an official book at the scorers table, the book that is maintained there will be considered the official book.


Question: Some of my children do not show up for practice. Can I play them less?

Answer: There are playing rules that contain minimum and maximum playing times. Each coach should make sure that each participant playing time is within those guidelines.


Question: My child has played in the League for years but we forgot the register them this year. Can you please put them on a team?

Answer: No. Once the drafts take place no additional participants will be added. Unfortunately, in the past we have tried to accommodate these requests, not wanting the children to suffer for the parent's mistake. This has lead to strong players being put on teams altering the competitive landscape of a division. By making that one child happy, many other children and their parents have complained. We will no longer add a child that wishes to register after we complete our drafts.


Question: My child wanted to play but they have so much to do now I am not sure they can. Can I get a refund?

Answer: No. We order supplies and uniforms based on the number of children registered. If your child decides not to play, no refund will be issued.


Question: My child got hurt and will not be able to play for the next month. Can I get a refund?

Answer: No, but under certain circumstances we will give you a credit to apply to next year's registration.


Question: Can I ask that my child play with his friend?

Answer: We cannot honor requests. It is not feasible to try to accommodate 500 individual requests. If your child is on a team that he/she doesn't know anyone, they should look at his as a way to expand their friends.


Question: My child cannot practice on Monday or Wednesday. Can you guarantee that they will practice on another day?

Answer: We cannot honor requests. It is not feasible to try to accommodate 500 individual requests. Practice time is determined by the availability of the individual coach.


Question: My child will only play for one coach. Can he be placed on that team?

Answer: No. It is not feasible to try to accommodate 500 individual requests as those request will not be honored.


Question: Where can I get a copy of my child's schedule?

Answer: All schedules are posted on the website.


Question: My child's friend's team has played three games but we have only played one. What's going on and what do you have against my child's team?

Answer: Our schedules are prepared by a purchased computer program. The games assigned are based on the number of teams in the division. At the end of the season, all teams will have played the same number of games except for possibly one (due to the number of teams in the division) and subject to cancellations that may have occurred.


Question: How do you determine which teams play in the playoffs?

Answer: All teams make the playoffs. The regular season determines each team's seed in the playoffs. A team with a lower seed may be required to play extra games, and tougher opponents.


Question: I wasn't called by the coach to remind me of my child's game. Can I get a refund?

Answer: It is your responsibility to follow up with the coaches about game times. If there is a change, your coach will advise you at the previous game, by phone, or at practice. If your child missed practice you should contact the coach to see if there was anything discussed that you need to know.


Question: Is the League affiliated with the local schools?

Answer: No. The Bellmore Merrick Basketball League is not affiliated with the Bellmore Union Free School District or the Merrick Union Free school District.


Question: I want to sponsor my child's team. How much is it and what do I get?

Answer: The cost to sponsor a team is $250. Each sponsor will have their name on the back of the shirts of the team. They get a team plaque with the team's picture. Their name and web link will be added to our website. Their name is included in an ad taken in a local newspaper at the end of the season thanking our sponsors.


Question: My child's uniform doesn't fit. Can I get another?

Answer: All uniforms are ordered based on sizes submitted by parents in the registration form. We cannot give new uniforms if yours doesn't fit. Additional uniforms are available for purchase.


Question: I lost my child's shorts. Can he wear any other pair of black shorts?

Answer: No. If your child is missing a part of their uniform, a technical foul will be called at the start of the game. Replacement uniforms can be purchased.


Question: Can I help the League?

Answer: Yes. We are always looking for volunteers to help run the league. If you are interested, please e-mail us through our website by sending to info@bmbb.org


Question: Can I join the Board of the League so I can get paid?

Answer: All members of our Board are volunteers and receive no compensation for the time they spend.

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